Dr. Vasavvi Acharjya

Founder Chairperson ECDF and DNAF, Early Childhood Expert, Social Activist, Author, Multi-Awardee Founder Inner I Foundation Pvt. Ltd. And Tender Petals Preschools

Debajit Bora

Vice Chairperson. An Entrepreneur and Social Worker

Dr(CA) rajeev gupta

Life skills architect, strategies advisor, motivational counselor and transformational coach. He is the founder Director of Golden Bells Pre School & De Indian Public School.

Dr. Sue Allingham

Founder – Out of the Box Consultancy U.K.

Dr. Kathryn Murray

Founder and CEO – Future Strong Education, Australia

Mandy Worsley & julie robinson

Directors of Mini Minds Matter UK Ltd. , UK

amrit nagpal

Head of Preschool and ECCEd at Birla Open Minds and Educational Services, Mumbai

Alice Ball

Director of Play-Led Places, New Zealand

Azura Abrasid

Head of Early Childhood Program, Veritas University College, KL, Malaysia

sana fatima larik

Montessori Directress and Tainer, UAE

Yatee Parmar

Growth Evangelist, Mumbai

nellie ahmed

Director of Maria Montessori International School and Founder Trustee Maria’s Public School, Assam

dr. rabiaa’h bhatia

Founder of eD WebStudio Channel, New Delhi

Simran Ballani

Pedagogical Head CCE Finland, Bengaluru

Smriti Agarwal

Pre-Primary Content Lead, Ampersand Group, Mumbai

Smruti Samantray

Climate Reality Mentor, Passionate EY enthusiast, Assam